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The ShopKo Foundation
Quincy Service League
First Southern Baptist Church
Staff at Mercantile Bank, 33rd and Maine
Mendon Congregational Cogitator Class
AFSCME Illinois Retirees Sub-Chapter 83
First Christian Church
Operation Serve
Cub Scouts Pack 5 Den 1
North Adams Home
Little Miss Quincy - NAH
New Beginnings Church - Awana Group
Quincy Church of Christ

Individual Contributors

AFSCME Illinois Retirees Sub-Chapter 83
Agnes Vahle
Alan and Susan Kapp
Alfred Pogge
Amanda and Gregory Anderson
Andre Rivard
Ann McDonald
Anne Mays
Arthur O'Quinn
Barbara Borrowman
Barbara Oerly
Barbara Rowell
Barbara Schleppenbach
Bernie and Norma Clemenson
Bethany United Church of Christ
Billie Menke
Bing and Ben Welper
Bob and Ann Awerkamp Dickson
Bruce and Lorainne Kruse
Bryan Stokes
Bryce Michel
Carlene and Douglas Nagel
Carol Pagliara
Carolyn Lawless
Carolyn Stevenson
Carolyn Vahle
Charles and Alma Jean Lugo
Charles and Connie Roan
Cheryl Watson
Christina and Zachary Robb
Coulter Asphalt Services Inc.
Cynthia Fessler
Dale and Mary Wuestenfeld
Dana and Anna Myers
Daniel and Janice Lucey
Daniel and Norma Lierly
Daniel Henke
David and Angela Obert
Dennis and Carol White
Dennis and Lynn Semerad
Dennis Williams
Dolores Graham
Don and Annelle Kirk
Don and Sue Koehler
Donald and Bonnie Blattner
Donald and Joann Durbin
Donald Goerlich
Doris Holtsclaw
Doris Parker
Dr. Merle and Darlene Jacobs
Dr. Robert and Carolyn Brown
Dr. Sheila Laws
Duane and Linda Robinson
Eddie and Donetta Allen
Elaine Lee
Elbert Allen
Eleanor Barnstead
Emily Goodapple
Eric and Debbie Sieck
Estalene Beckman
Eugene and Betty Trine
Eugene and Loretta Goerlich
Eugene and Wanda Hutter
Eunice Funk
Friendship Hits the Spot Precious Moments Club
Gail Myers
Gary and Cecilia Balke
Gary and Cheryl Hamilton
Gary and Emily Peterson
George and Dinah Harris
George and Frances Youtzy
George and Jovita Schneider
George and Marilyn Barry
George and Mary Nell Meyer
George Gross
Gerhard and Audine Jung
Glenadyne Piercy
Harold and Kathryn Oakley
Harold and Rita Pickinpaugh
Helen Pagel
Howard Rutledge
Iona Barry
Ione C. Miller
Ival and Linda Foglesong
Jack and Joann Huner
James and Connie McDowell
James and Judy Kusbel
James and Karen Weede
James and Mary Benz
James and Nancy Ott
James and Pamela Keller
Jay and Karen Dieckhoff
Jeana Shepard
Jerry and Virginia Holzgrafe
Jill Peter
Jim and Kay Campbell
Jimmie and Janice Hiland
Jo Ann Webster
Joan and Frank Duesterhaus
Joe and Corrine Sutcliffe
John and Anita Miller
John and Debbie Ernst
John and Greta Read
John and Lani Schneider
John and Stacey Edwards
John Stevenson Jr.
Jona Holtschlag
Joseph and Jill Tracy
Joseph and Linda Huie
Joy and Carl Gray II
Karel Dingerson
Karel Rogers and John Verhagen
Keith and Judy Klingler
Keith Winking
Kenner and Lynn Hutchinson
Kenneth and Anita Laaker
Kenneth and Shirley Dodge
Kenneth and Shirley Stokes
Kent and Vicki Leftwich
L.D. and J.A. Cox
Lawrence and Patricia Blickhan
Lawrence and Susan Saeger
Lee and Fran Fischer
Lee and Jean Walton
Lee Lindsay Curtis
Leftwich Farm
Leigh and Jane Conover
Linda and Hobson Bale
Linda and Ronald Lucke
Lisa Hining
Lisa Hining
Louis and Diana McClelland
Lyle and Charlot Nagel
M.L. Bissell
Margaret Callahan
Marian and Allen Jochem
Marjorie Daniel for Casey
Martha Habben
Marvin and Doris Koch
Mary Ann Thomas
Mary Jane Neu
Mary McNeil and Family
Mary Reeve
Mary Wilson
Mendon Congregational Cogitator Class
Michael and Sally Kroner
Minnie Haschemeyer
Montebello Floral Society
Mount Olivet United Methodist Church
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Dugan
Nancy Gower
Norma Crossland
Norma, Andy and Tony Ames
Norman and Mary Kallner
Pamela Hart
Pat and Debbie Stendback
Pat Fleer
Patricia A. Wardlow
Patricia and Gerald Orr
Patricia Dillon
Paul and Donna Harrison
Paul and Lisa Krieg
Quincy Landlords Rental Association
R.B.A. Properties, LLC
Rex and Lori Schulz
Richard and Barbara Schmidt
Richard and Kathy Kerker
Richard and Marilyn Loos
Richard and Sandra Schlepphorst
Rickard Tarzwell
Rita Schmitt
Robert and Conni Blessing
Robert and Dorothy Bizer
Robert and Janet Bastean
Robert and Joyce Shackleton
Robert and Sandra Moore
Robert and Susan Sudbury
Robert and Wilma Garmer
Roger and Coleen Watson
Roger and Linda Finnamore
Roger and Maxine Paluska
Roger and Rita Brod
Ron and Colae Vecchie
Ronald and Jane Beck
Ronald and Patricia Wallace
Ronald and Pauline Upper
Rosalie Walker and Don Faler
Rosie Foster
Ross Centanni
Rudie and Joy Schappat
Russell and Kay Miles
Ryan Brown
Sam and Lori Vranjes
Sandra Schutte
School Sisters of Notre Dame
Scottish Rite Masons of Quincy
Shirley and Russell Merkel
Sonny and Kathy Laird
Staff at Mercantile Bank, 33rd and Maine
Stephen and Linda Wavering
Steven and Gloria Long
Steven Danner
T.J. and Sally Stadler
Teresa Woodward
Terry and Juanita Totsch
Terry Buehler
The Children and Grandchildren of Bruce and Janice Klingele
The Cliff Widmark Family
The ShopKo Foundation
The Vogels
Thomas and Janie Swick
Thomas and Kai Ortbal
Thomas Hughes
Timothy and Dana Altman
Timothy and Jane Jacobs
Tony Smith Jr. in honor of Theresa L. Smith
Union United Methodist Church - Fidelis Class
United Commercial Travelers Quincy Council 93
Valerie Vlahakis
Victoria Darlene Nasby
Virginia Huls
Wayne and Carolyn Pond
Wayne and Judy Fessler
William and Betty Nauber
William and Patricia Kniel
William and Sandra Fessler


Thomas Oakley in memory of Anne M. Oakley
The George and Joan Lewis Family, in loving memory of Ronda K. Lewis
Gregory Fuller, in loving memory of Kathleen Fuller
In memory of Warren Mabie by wife, Gretchen Mabie
June Otte, in loving memory of Sammy Otte
In loving memory of Scott T. Groh by mother, Joan Groh
Patricia Wegner in memory of Ernie and Dorothy Hagemann
Ruth Mays in memory of loved ones
Larry Rowe in loving memory of Ann Rowe
Dr. Kaz and Nayer Attai in memory of Armin Attai
In memory of Mary Larner and Dan Larner
In memory of Pat Ellison from Family - Hamilton, Ill.
Meredith and Cathy Myers, in memory of Iola Weinberg and "Cotton" Myers
Douglas Brace in memory of Ron Brace and Sharon Dorriety
Don Altmix in memory of Ruth Altmix
In memory of Adam and Zachary Summers by John and Judy Summers
Raymond and Anita Hopson in memory of Jonathan David Hopson
Rodney Farr in memory of Jeanie Farr
Roger Leach in memory of his parents, Gladys and Henry Leach
Charlotte Siebers in memory of Bob Siebers
Ray Meckes in loving memory of Carolyn Meckes
In memory of Phyllis Masterson by Linda Moritz
In loving memory of Adeline Tobias by the family
Brian and Lisa Seals in memory of Brenda Seals and Patricia Seals
In memory of Charles D. Rollins
Hazel Stewart and family in memory of Charles W. Stewart


Jackie Brewer
Patty Littleton
Danielle Littleton
Susan Warren-Bell
Dominic Heberlein
Kylee Wedding
Summer Wiemelt
Donna Welsh
Ashley Marquardt
Tricia Schlipman and Drew Schlipman
Rosemary Gregory
Hazel Miller
Ariel Gregory
Kymber Funk
Jan Little
Karen Weede
Lyn Strieker
June Otte
Barbara Garthaus
Virginia DeWitt
Barb Bax
Peggy Ulm
Corie Koetters
Barb Sibbing
Cameron and Sarah Stock
Sharon Kendall
Kensie Vahle
Michael Hall
Sierra Petty
Allie and Mia Vranjes
Alexis Crum
Olivia Sullivan
Gail Myers
Kattarina Jones
Kade Walz
Tanner Zanger
Heather Schreacke
Lisa Baker
Janet Rossmiller
Heather Fuqua
Bobbi Connell
Allison Hall
Hannah Cassens
Lauren Santora
Sharla Heightman
Karen Munch
Carter Munch
Cheyenne Grenell
Peggy Cumby
Luke Cumby
Angela, Rachel and Sadie Smith
Emma Staff
Shirley Clark
Michael Funk
Ray Johnson
Donna Johnson
Anita Crowley
Trell Blakemore
Lisa Hining
Courtney Inlow
Jody Messmer
Janice and Claire Sly
Nancy Ebbert
Robert Landrum
Shelley Arns
Josiah Moore
Bree Simmons
Kolby Simmons
Jacob Heightman
Ella Heightman
Kristin Stinnett
Emily Stinnett
Ashley William
Emily Hedberg
Suzanne Wear
Kathy Fauble
Tara Beales
Gloria Imhoff
Kaleigh Imhoff
Sarah Reiff
Lori Wright
Devin Devault
Jared Cook
Preston Knight
Kierra Huddleston
Maiele Mayfield
Paige Hills
Mecca Rainey
Davin Cook
Troy Cook
Grace Cook
Janice Riley
Destiny Dochterman

Olivia Carter
Kayla Conrad
Logan Giesing
Dawn Harms
Ashley Schmidt
Bill and Sharon Mays
Olivia Carter
Rich Avoletta
Toni Smith
Lori Quevillon
Pat & Brenda Ryan
Ronda Johnson
Jamie Traeder
Catherine Smith
Addison Ramsey
Kate Chevalier
Linda DeMent
Sydney Klesner
Drew Figge
Nolan Nuttelman
Zach Nuttelman
Emma Figgen
Sofia Fernandez
Waylon Lawrence
Pam Navolio
Trish Hilgenbrink
Megan Fischer
Sherry Centanni
Karen Sedovic
Sharon Mays
Lindsay Ertel
Melanie Allen
Shannon Dietrich
Lizzy Klingner
Liz Riley
Sarah Stock
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